Dental Crowns and Its Effect on Your Dental Health

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If your tooth enamel has failed or a tooth has become damaged, often times a dental crown is needed to provide the future protection the tooth will need to survive. Even teeth that may have fallen in battle due to wear and tear during meals may rise once again with the assistance of a crown, to function and perform for the rest of your days.

Are you familiar with dental crowns and the effect on your smile? The basics of dental crowns include the following:

Dental crowns can also be used to conceal pre-existing dental procedures. If you have had a dental procedure done in the past, such as dental bridges, implants, root canals, or fillings, dental crowns can cap those services and protect them from future damage. If you have a broken tooth that can no longer hold itself together, crowns can be used to create a wholly functioning tooth once more.

Dental crowns are built to benefit your smile in a variety of ways. One of the key features of dental crowns is that they fully seal damaged or broken teeth clear down to the gum line. Crowns work by taking away a small amount of tooth enamel to allow them to bond directly to a tooth and function as a sort of cap.

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