Halloween Tips to Treat Your Mouth Right

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The season of frights and festive treats is finally here. With the tricks, treats, ghosts, and goblins set to invade our lives in the coming days for Halloween; it is important to make sure you’re exercising caution with any activities that can damage your smile. During Halloween, there are numerous candies you should avoid to keep your teeth and gums safe, including the following:

Sour Candy: Although sour candy might not seem much difference from other forms of candy, it can easily damage your smile due to its shockingly low PH content. In addition to the sugars present in sour candy, a lower pH also means a higher risk of enamel loss.

Fruit Drinks: Fruit drinks can sometimes be so acidic they’re nearly as bad as battery acid. Exercise caution with any overly sugary drinks you may consume.

Hard Treats and Snacks: Exercise caution when biting into hard products that can easily chip and crack your teeth. This includes popcorn balls and hard candies such as candy apples. Even if you have successfully bit into these products in the past, your teeth may have worn down to the point where they are more vulnerable than before.

Taffy: Sticky candies such as taffy, as well as caramels or gummies, can easily stick to your teeth and gums and can be difficult to wash away. This increases your risk for tooth decay and the rate at which tooth decay can occur.

From all of us at Simarro Brothers Dental Care, we hope you have a spooktacular Halloween!
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