How Your Oral Piercing Could Be Affecting Your Smile

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If you have an oral piercing or are considering receiving one, it’s important to be aware of the potential health risks that can come with it. For example, do you know if your oral piercing is safe or if it is negatively impacting your oral health? Our dentists and team can help you understand the risks of oral piercings so that you can protect your smile from harm.

Unfortunately, some oral piercings are not safe and can result in dental harm. A pierced tongue, lip, or cheek could knock against your teeth repeatedly and cause them to chip, crack, or break completely.

If you have a barbell placed in your soft tissues, not only does the hole stay open, but it can rub against your gums when you speak or chew and cause gum injury and disease. If your gum disease goes untreated, you could lose a tooth as well as the supporting bone structure.

Oral piercing increase the risk of general health issues such as hepatitis B and C and herpes. And if bacteria invades the piercing and reaches the bloodstream, it can result in a condition known as endocarditis, in which the heart and valves become inflamed.

Finally, the puncturing of a blood vessel or nerve during the oral piercing process could cause excessive bleeding and permanent numbness in that area.

To learn more about the health complications caused by oral piercings and to ask Drs. Miller and Simarro about the dangers of oral piercings in Antioch, California, you are welcome to contact Simarro Brothers Dental Care at 925-754-6020 today.