If You Have Missing Teeth, Talk to Your Dentist About Implants or Dentures

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Finding the right form of restoration after tooth loss is very important to your oral health. Sometimes, it can be hard to choose what is right for you, and that’s why the team at Simarro Brothers Dental Care in Antioch, California is wanting to talk to you about dental implants and dentures. Here, in brief, are descriptions of these restoration treatments we offer.


There has been a recent popularity surge for dental implants, and this is especially true among those who’ve incurred tooth loss as a result of gum disease. Since dental implants look, function, and feel just as your regular teeth do, the only person to be able to tell the distinction would be your dentist.

Some circumstances, such as damaged gums and jawlines that have lost health due to gum disease, would disqualify a patient from having implants installed. Implants require gum and jawline support. For these patients, there is another option.


Pop culture has put a damper on the perception of dentures. However, they are a great way of replacing missing teeth. Dentures will allow you to bring back your smile while also offsetting the negative side effects that come with tooth loss.

Dentures require more maintenance compared to implants, but no more than your typical brushing and flossing routine.

The only right choice between dentures and implants is what works best in the long-term for you. Call 925-754-6020 to set up an appointment with Dr. Ryan Simarro today and learn more!