Preparing Your Smile for Dental Crowns and Dental Veneers

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Is your smile ready for an upgrade? Treat your fall smile to a harvest bliss with dental veneers and crowns. Both veneers and crowns are crafted to improve the look and function of your smile by changing the appearance of your teeth one at a time. Even though both services are directly attached to your teeth, they both accomplish the task in differing ways.

Dental crowns are often implemented for aesthetic purposes, but the real benefits of crowns lie in their ability to restore and protect your teeth. They are crafted to precisely fit over the top of a damaged tooth for a sturdy hold that looks and feels natural. If you have teeth that have been badly damaged, rather than have them taken out, they may be able to be saved with dental crowns. Dental crowns can even be used to conceal and protect other tooth restoration treatments including previous procedures such as dental fillings, implants, and root canals.

Dental veneers are viewed by many to be the premier cosmetic dentistry treatment for crafting a beautiful smile. Dental veneers can be designed for an aesthetic look that will vastly enhance your smile and still look natural at the same time. Even though they are small, they are extremely durable. When done properly by a licensed professional at our dentist office, it could be nearly impossible for anyone to distinguish veneers from natural teeth.

No matter which option for your oral health care you choose, Dr. Ryan Simarro and our team at Simarro Brothers Dental Care will make sure that you receive the care and quality your smile requires. If you would like to come visit us at our dentist office in Antioch, California, please schedule an appointment at 925-754-6020. The path to a healthy smile starts today!