Teeth Whitening: The Facts

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Do you have a big event you are trying to look your best for? Are you concerned that an imperfection in your teeth could ruin your big day? Are you just hoping to improve the overall appearance of your pearly whites? Still, if you aren’t content with the look of your pearly whites, there are several things you could do to enhance the appearance of your smile.

In general, if you’re missing a tooth, you may want to consider having an implant or a bridge placed. Both of these restoration options offer functional benefits because they can restore your smile. Similarly, aside from being made to restore your ability to chew and pronounce certain sounds easily again, these options are designed with appearance in mind. In fact, your restoration will be able to design teeth to blend beautifully and to look like your existing teeth.

Similarly, many people tend to be unhappy with the color of their pearly whites. As you may already know, there are a number of dental options you might want to consider. If you choose to have your teeth whitened, you could buy a kit from a local drug store or visit our office for a professional cleaning. Still, visiting our dental team is generally considered the best option because we can whiten your pearly whites more quickly and more effectively than you can alone. You may also want to consider veneers, which are made to fuse to your pearly whites to address imperfections.

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