The Wonderful Reasons Why Brushing Your Teeth is Necessary

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There are many excellent reasons why brushing your teeth is necessary to do in your everyday life. For starters, brushing your teeth can help keep your teeth white and your breath fresh. If you neglect to brush your teeth, you could be putting your smile at risk for serious oral health problems in your future.

Our dentists, Dr. Ryan Simarro, encourages you to brush your teeth often. In fact, our team at Simarro Brothers Dental Care in Antioch, California, is happy to share the wonderful reasons with you on the importance of brushing your teeth.

Here are a few reasons why brushing your teeth is necessary to your oral health:

– Preventing gum disease is essential. It can be generated from the lack of brushing, which causes bacteria to trickle into your gums and can lead to bone loss in your jaw or other oral health problems.
– Keep your breath clean. Having fresh breath could be vital in a professional and personal atmosphere no matter where you are.
– Keep your teeth white and healthy. Having yellow teeth is embarrassing and can be unhealthy. Brushing your teeth can help keep your teeth white, so you can be proud of your smile.
– Prevent cavities. This dental hygiene habit can assist you in cleaning away plaque and bacteria that seeps on your teeth and can cause them to rot, which could lead to tooth loss and gum disease.

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