These Dental Conditions May Require a Dental Crown

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Our dental team at Miller & Simarro Dental Care is pleased to offer custom-made dental crowns to repair a variety of oral health conditions. We invite you to learn more about dental crowns and how they can improve the following list of dental health conditions:

– Damage due to bruxism: You may have a habit of grinding and clenching your teeth if you are experiencing tooth wear and tear and your teeth look shorter. Having dental crowns placed can improve the appearance and strength of these previously damaged teeth.

– Tooth breakage: Has an oral injury or a weakened tooth structure caused your tooth to break? You might find that a dental crown can cover and repair the damage.

– Vulnerable dental filling: When a dental filling is big enough to cover half the tooth, it and the tooth can be at risk of fracturing. A dental crown may be needed to keep the filling and the tooth bonded together.

– Flawed teeth: Tooth gaps and misshapen or discolored teeth reduce the appearance of your smile, but receiving a cosmetic dental crown can keep your smile looking natural and beautiful.

– Root canal treatment: If you need to receive root canal treatment to treat infection, you may also receive a dental crown to protect the vulnerable empty space in the tooth.

– Cracked teeth: A dental crown not only covers the tooth fracture but also redistributes the bite force on the tooth when you bite down and chew to prevent pain.

We invite you to contact us at 925-754-6020 today if you are considering receiving a dental crown in Antioch, California, and need to speak with a member of our team. Our dentist, Dr. Ryan Simarro, and our team, look forward to helping you smile once more.