Year-End Smile Upgrades: Tooth Hazard Planning

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In order to ensure your mouth can operate effectively, it is important to always keep it safe from tooth hazards that can present themselves in your diet, or everyday life. Always make sure you’re exercising caution with any products that are placed in your mouth, and keep your teeth and gums safe from risks that can easily occur.

Avoid chewing on ice or any other product that may be too hard for your teeth. Even though it may seem harmless at the time, it can easily chip or crack your teeth. Other products that can easily chip and crack teeth are cough drops, popcorn kernels, and candy apples.

Grinding your teeth poses a severe tooth hazard that you sometimes are not aware of. If you don’t consciously grind your teeth, this is known as bruxism and can seriously wear down your teeth over time. If you believe you are grinding your teeth unconsciously, visit your dentist for treatment options.

Always beware of mouth jewelry and the dental hazards it creates. Tongue piercings in particular often tend to cause nerve damage to your tongue and can easily chip or crack a tooth if you bite down on the metal stud. Additional hazards include choking hazards, tooth enamel scrapes, and serious infections.

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